5 Things You Should Never Give up When Preparing for IIT JEE

Indian Institute of Technology is the most prestigious engineering institute in India, and it is the most sought out college by students who want to become engineers. Securing a seat in IIT requires one of the most dedicated preparation. Along with exceptional arduous work, one must be agile and focused during their preparation. Since the syllabus is vast, and competition is challenging, one must stay focused and not lose hope during their journey.

Several students opt for tuitions, reference books, and coaching institutes while preparing for JEE exam. However, a student must choose their study material and tutors carefully because some are better than the others. Take the example of Aakash Institute Lucknow, which is the most superior coaching institute for JEE preparation. You might ask, why? The reason is there supreme dedication to foster students into future engineers. The course material is unmatched and precisely curated for not just JEE preparation, but also for board exams.

If you are already preparing for IIT JEE, or you are on the verge of selecting your stream, then don’t get disheartened by the anything.

Here’s a list of 5 things that you should never give up when preparing for IIT JEE

Don’t Give Up on Your Aim

Never give up your aim. If you want to become an engineer, breathe it, and live it! There will be roadblocks when you are preparing for JEE, but remember your aim of becoming an engineer. Let that passion for Physics or Mathematics sink in, show that equation how it is solved. Your goal will make you, so don’t get distracted and understand your own self.

Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

Do you dream of making big into the world? Alternatively, perhaps you want to invent a device for physically disabled? Or maybe science was always your passion. Remember your dreams, and why you want to become an engineer. Remember what you want to achieve and where you want to go! While preparing for JEE, never give up on your dreams because everything in this world is doable and very much possible.

Don’t Give Up Asking for Help

Remember, you are only human, and humans make mistakes. They forget things, or they might not understand certain things. The idea is never to give up if you do not understand something. Probe your tutor, or your friends, or your class teacher, and ask them what you do not get it. Stop judging yourself, and question why the equation is what it is. No matter how stupid it may seem, but ask for help when you have doubt. Coaching institutes like Aakash conduct regular doubt resolution classes so that no student is left with doubt.

Don’t Give Up on Your Mentors

Teachers play a significant role in your educational life and are nothing less than our mentors. Throughout your life, you will get in contact with people who will teach you something or the other. When you are preparing for JEE, you might feel you do not understand what they are learning, but give it time and communicate properly with your mentors.

Don’t Give Up on Leisurely Activities

We have all heard of that phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull Boy.” Simply put – don’t give up on leisurely activities, because if you do you will become tired and a victim of a mundane routine. Socializing, exercising, investing in a hobby, all are crucial for your day to day functioning. Spend your time by doing something other than studies to keep your mind and body refreshed. Play a sport, or take music classes to ease your mind from the everyday monotony.

When preparing for JEE, make sure you do not give up on yourself the most. Make sure your goals and dreams are aligned. If you are ever distressed, talk to your parents or mentors about it! Moreover, lastly, you can make throughthe JEE exam if you believe in yourself the most!

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