6 ways to find more candidates using your recruiting tool

6 ways to find more candidates using your recruiting tool

The main aim of a recruitment tool is to assist hiring managers and recruiters in finding the best talent. Companies often receive thousands of applications for a single job position, and skimming through all the applications and finding the best applicant is a time-consuming and tiresome job.

Recruitment tools like ATS (Applicant Tracking System) make the lives of hiring managers easier by helping recruiters along each step of the recruitment process. Using an ATS, recruiters can save a ton load of time, minimize human error and reduce recruitment processing time.

Reviewing applications is just one thing; your ATS can also help you bring the right talent to your website’s career page. To source quality candidates, you need to advertise your job opening using modern marketing principles. If your company’s website has a well-formed career page, and it lists all the job openings, you only need the right people to discover it and apply.

There are countless ways to source candidates online. You need to form a solid strategy and then use your recruitment tool to execute that strategy and centralize all the information.

Many new-generation recruitments tools such as Manatal are ideal as they improve the recruitment experience at each step of the hiring process for both employers and candidates. Due to the benefits they bring, ATS are considered a fundamental tool for recruiters and hiring teams.

In this guide, we will discuss how you can source more candidates with your Applicant Tracking System. Let’s get started!

6 Ways to Find Candidates Using a Recruitment Tool

Create A Career Page Using Your ATS Where Candidates Can Apply

A career page works as a landing page where candidates can find and apply for jobs. However, this portal is not reserved for publishing job openings, it is also a way to give candidates insights into your company.

For you to attract quality candidates, it is important that you create a dynamic career page. Your career page must include photos, testimonials, etc. Having a concise call-to-action on your career page also helps in prompting visitors to turn into applicants.

Statistics suggest that over 64% of job seekers view a company’s career page as a valuable source of information during their job hunt.

It is also extremely important for companies to optimize their careers pages for mobile.

Sources tell that 99% of job seekers tend to visit a company’s career page through mobile during their job search. 

An ATS like Manatal can easily help you with that by setting up a powerful branded career page. As far as best practices go, make sure to include the following things on your company’s career page:

  • – A concise list of all your company’s open job positions. Make sure to categorize your job openings by things like departments, offices, clients, etc. This will help candidates quickly locate the role they want to apply for.
  • – The incentives and bonus packages you offer. Including this will make or break a visitor’s perspective about your company. For instance, perks and benefits like flexible working hours and good training programs can entice candidates to apply.
  • – Testimonials from your employees. Qualified candidates would want to know what it is like to work in your company. Therefore, including string testimonials on your career page is of utmost importance.
  • – A visible and prominent “Apply” button. Design your careers page in a way that the “Apply” button lies in a prominent position. Also, make sure to create a short application, as it increases the chances of more candidates completing it. In addition, accepting open applications can be a strong way to build a candidate pool to be leveraged in the future.
  • – Your company’s location. Don’t forget to mention your company’s location on the career page. Candidates should be able to know where they would work if selected for the job. Therefore, clearly mention where each job opening is based.

Use Your ATS To Publish Openings on Job Boards (Free and Paid)

A job opening is no good if it is just sitting on your website and not given the exposure it needs. For your openings to receive applications, the right candidates need to know it is there.

What can you do to ensure people find and apply for your job openings? Start by using your ATS to share jobs on relevant job boards. Job seekers often turn to online job boards during their job hunt.

A solution like Manatal can have a huge impact in that respect as it allows to post jobs on thousands of channels in just a few clicks. This will provide your jobs an increased level of exposure and is extremely time-saving as opposed to manually posting your jobs on each platform.

In order to select the best job boards onto which share your jobs, make sure to test and analyze the results associated with each job ad. This will allow you to know where to focus your efforts and yield the most results.

It is also important to note that there is one drawback when choosing to post a job opening for free: your post sometimes can stay completely invisible to visitors. Millions of employers use online job-hunting platforms every day to source candidates, turning them into a fish market.

In order to attract the right candidates, you must ensure that your post doesn’t get buried under similar job openings. Paid placement is a way to make sure that your opening remains visible to applicants.

Again, with Manatal it is possible to very easily and conveniently publish your job opening through paid placements. The platform offers thousands of different channels to post to, and allows you to share on multiple channels at once without the need to create separate accounts or get into contracts with each job board.

Use Your ATS to Post Job Openings on social media

There are two types of candidates: passive and active. Active candidates are those who are actively searching for a job. In contrast, passive candidates are individuals who are qualified and talented but already employed and not looking for a new opportunity. It is easier to attract active job seekers through online job boards, but what about the people who are not currently looking for a job?

Social media can become an excellent platform for employers to engage passive candidates. Every day, we see talented individuals showcasing their skills and professional talents on social media. Employers can use social media to connect with more potential candidates and extend the visibility of their openings.

Using your Applicant Tracking System, you can directly post your current job openings on your company’s social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. People who come across your social media posts can click on the provided link and land on your company’s website, where they can easily apply.

You can also create a link that redirects candidates to your ATS application page. Sharing additional links that offer thorough information about further opportunities and careers can also be helpful. Hiring teams can also set up a social share button using the Applicant Tracking System on the job post. This will allow visitors on your website to share the job opening on their own social media accounts with just one click.

Find Old Candidates in Your Database

Your database is also an excellent source for acquiring candidates. The ability to efficiently uncover the good past candidates can lead to a greatly reduced sourcing time. With the help of Manatal advanced AI tools, for example, it is now very easy to locate past applicants that are now a fit for your current openings.

These powerful AI tools include candidate recommendations and scoring which basically feed on a job description to recommend and score candidates based on their fit with that specific job.

If you have yet to implement an ATS and are stuck with a large number of resumes and Excel sheets that are not easily searchable, Manatal’s dedicated import tools allow you to easily migrate that data into the system. Simply upload all your resumes and Excel files into the system. Manatal will automatically create candidate profiles by parsing relevant information such as skills, experiences, education and much more. All this information will then become available to search and leverage using Manatal’s AI tools.

Keeping records of your past candidates in your ATS will help you a great deal in the future. Instead of relying on job ads for each job, you will be able to reconsider your past candidates for new positions. And thanks to Manatal, you won’t have to search each resume to achieve that.


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