Bring Out the Books: 5 Big Benefits of Reading With Your Child

Any teacher will tell you to read to your child, but do you know why? Taking a daily literary stroll with your child has countless benefits. Here are five major ones to you convince you to turn off the screens and pick up a picture book.

1. Improved Language Skills

Children who read just twenty minutes every day have noticeably improved language skills. Reading an educational rhyming book with your child will expand their vocabulary, develop their sentence structure, and teach them how to correctly pronounce words.

2. Boosted Brain Power

Research shows that reading books and listening to stories stimulates the brain by activating the neural networks of young minds. This, in turn, will result in improved comprehension and problem-solving skills. Additionally, young readers can expect a more promising academic and financial future.

3. Sparked Creativity

Nothing inspires the imagination like a good book! Through literary fiction, your child can discover magical worlds and visualize fantastical creatures. You can tap into the creative arts by encouraging your child to draw their favorite characters, roleplay exciting scenes from their preferred stories, or create narratives of their own.

4. A World of Learning

Overseas travel is difficult and expensive. Good news! Children can explore a world of knowledge at the library. Books are an excellent way to teach kids about different people, places, and traditions. Expanding your child’s horizons at a young age will lead them to be a more cultured—and kinder—adult.

5. Bonding Opportunities Abound

Nowadays, everyone is busy, busy, busy. Well-meaning adults who want nothing more than to provide for their family sometimes forget to slow down and spend quality time with their kids. Reading provides an excellent opportunity to take a breather and bond with your child. Being present with your child in these moments will strengthen your relationship and help them to be more sensitive, empathetic people.

Convinced? Great! Take a trip to a bookstore or your local library. A short daily reading session will make a positive impact that will last a lifetime.

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