Fun Doubles with Cash Games on the Khelplay Rummy App

People who enjoy playing rummy can actually double the fun by participating in cash games and rummy tournaments on the Khelplay Rummy app. The app has come up with several exciting cash rummy tournaments. You require knowledge of rummy card game rules and several rummy skills to win against the opponents. Since these cash games challenge your rummy gaming skills, it is always fun. Here are some cash game options open to registered users of the Khelplay Rummy app:

Re. 1 Entry Tournament

As the name of this rummy tournament rightly suggests, you just need to invest Re. 1 to be a part of this tourney. Anyone who has made a deposit on the Khelplay Rummy app is eligible to be a part of this rummy tournament. The tournament takes place at 11:05am and maximum 750 players can take part in this tournament. There will be total 200 daily winners for this tourney. The daily prize amount for the tournament is Rs. 2000 and monthly prize amount is Rs. 62,000/- and both are withdrawable. Rebuy is allowed at the end of the first round of rummy tournament with Rs. 10 for upto 1200 chips. The rebuy amount cannot be clubbed with the prize money for this tourney.

Cash 10 Tournament

Enthusiastic rummy gamers must check out the Cash 10 tournament. These rummy tourneys take place once every two hours starting from 11:05am. As the name of the tournament rightly suggests, you need to invest Rs.10 to be a part of this tourney. The minimum number of participants for the tournament to take place is 6 while the maximum number allowed is 28. There will be total 4 winners for this tournament and the prize money will be Rs. 252/-. In this 2-level time-based tournament, the players are allowed two rebuys in the first level. The total number of winners and the prize money will vary based on the number of participants in the rummy tournament.

Weekly Tournaments

Rummy fans won’t be devoid of options. On Khelplay Rummy app there are countless options awaiting rummy players. You can be a part of the several weekly tournaments that take place. These rummy tournaments take place at 9:05pm every day. The buy-in amount for Mighty Monday tournament is Rs. 5, the buy-in money for Tuesday Tango and Friday Fever is Rs. 10 each and the buy-in for Wednesday Wonder and Shiny Saturday is Rs. 20 each. The 3-level time-based rummy tournament allows you 4 rebuy chances in the first two levels. The total number of winners for weekly rummy tournaments also vary. There will be maximum 250 winners for the Mighty Monday tournament, there will be 100 winners each for Tuesday Tango and Friday Fever while there will be 50 winners each for Wednesday Wonder and Shiny Saturday. Cash winnings will be deposited to the player’s account after the tournament and they will be withdrawable.

Rummy Masters Tournament

If you are a pro in rummy card games, you should participate in the Rummy Masters Tournament. This is the best place to reveal your true rummy gaming skills. The tournament takes place every Sunday at 8:05PM. The buy-in amount for the rummy tournament is Rs. 2000/- or 80,000 loyalty points. There can be minimum 12 and maximum 24 participants in this rummy tournament. The prize money per tournament is Rs. 50,000/- and there will be 8 winners per tournament. This is a two-level time-based rummy tournament. Any verified cash player can participate in this rummy tournament.

Bonus Offers for Club Members

Cash gaming is not just about rummy tournaments. There are some stunning offers also for registered members of rummy club on Khelplay Rummy app. An example is the Strike at 3 Bonus offer that stays open to all the Diamond and Platinum Club members on the Khelplay Rummy app. Players belonging to these clubs can use the coupon code CLUB2000 to avail a 25% bonus upto Rs. 2000. The offer is open only to the first 100 players in these clubs who use the code. A similar offer is also open to Gold and Silver Club members. They can use the coupon code CLUB500 to enjoy 50% bonus upto Rs. 500/-. The offer is open only to the first 200 players who use the code. This is a limited period offer.

Make the best of different offers, bonuses and rummy tournaments to enjoy cash gaming on the Khelplay Rummy app. If you have not downloaded the app as yet, do it now. Enjoy endless rummy gaming on your fingertips.

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