Why Is Biology Important?

Biology is the science that researches and studies living organisms and life, which includes their chemical processes, physical structure, physiological mechanisms, molecular interactions, evolution, and development. Despite the complications of science, there are certain merging topics that integrate it into a single, rational field. Biology acknowledges the cell as the fundamental component of life, genes as the fundamental part of heredity and evolution as the engine that drives the formation (creation) and extinction of living organisms. In Spite of so many concepts involved in the subject Biology, a few students might feel that it is not an important subject to be studied. This article is an eye-opener that proves that Biology is a significant subject.

  • Explains the changes of the human bodies – Human beings are known as home sapiens based on the research. They share similar attributes with apes and are evolved in terms of speech, reasoning, and shape of the body. Being considered as the powerful form of animals, human beings have bodies that are difficult to understand. The subject biology assists students to study about the physical structure, structure of nephron and many more.
  • Helps for Scientific Investigations – One of the importance of biology is giving a way for humans to conduct scientific explorations, which are very beneficial in unearthing novice things, via scientific methodology. Biologists conduct experiments to study the interesting and significant facts about the globe.
  • Educates concepts on basic living and evolution – In spite of being a small topic, the rudimentary way of how humans survive is covered by the significance of biology. This subject educates people on how and what to plant for food consumption. Further, it teaches what kind food is apt to consume and what is not. Biology is a subject that taught us about the evolution of life via Darwin theory.


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