These Agra youngsters follow their passion full-time

Aviral Kaushik, 19, a resident of Paschim Puri, never enjoyed attending classes. He was more keen on singing and hosting events. And according to Aviral, this was no child’s indecision, he was sure about what he wanted to do in life. So when his friends began preparing, in the final years of school, for entrance exams to get enrolled in top colleges, Aviral chose to not follow them. Instead, after school, he enrolled himself for a BBA course and an event management course through distance learning. “I am doing the courses just for the degrees while pursuing my interests full-time,” says Aviral, who is now running an event management company with a friend.

Aviral is not alone. A number of youngsters in Agra are choosing to not attend regular courses after school. Rather, they are pursuing courses through distance learning while working and training in the field of their choice. Aviral shares, “After class X Board exams, my family pressurized me to take up Science. I didn’t like the subjects and my interest lay in music and events. I started a YouTube channel where I used to upload videos of my singing. It was at that time only that this idea of starting an event management company struck me. And with a friend of mine, I started the company.” He adds, “I know what I want and this first-hand work experience will help me more in future than some subjects learnt in a classroom. Also, there is no surety if I will land a job even after finishing regular college. So why waste time doing something I am not keen on?”


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