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Harrow International School Hong Kong International School


Harrow International School in Hong Kong is a top-notch educational institute in Asia and Hong Kong. It is a British education center that nourishes in the effervescent international setting. Moreover, it is the only institute present in Hong Kong that offers a boarding feature. Boarding services are available every week basis for students of 6 years or more than that. Furthermore, moving towards its geographical area and location, it has a glorious crescent-shaped building in which they provide students with all the custom-built facilities near Gold Coast Tuen Mun. Harrow International School has its identity and name as it assimilates elements related to educational philosophy, practice, and diverse customs from the indigenous England Harrow School into the miscellaneous Hong Kong international community for the purpose of highly idiosyncratic education. The sole purpose of Harrow International School in Hong Kong is to provide a novel perspective leaders gaining leadership characteristics with the motive of a better world. The primay aim of Harrow is to equip pupils with the skills, talent, and knowledge that they can use to make the life of themselves and the community better and refines. It opened in the year of 2012 in September, and over time it grew and evolved. And now it is educating about 1500 pupils of age 13 to 8.

About the school:


Harrow International School, UK, has been the learning mentor and house for many dominant leaders of History, royalty, and poets. Many well-known inspirational individuals got education from this institute that includes King Hussein of Jordan, Lord Byron, Sir Winston Churchill, Jawaharlal Nehru, Laurence Fox, Cumber batch, James Blunt, and Benedict. It has sheer heritage and rich history. Furthermore, its foundation was laid by Queen Elizabeth 1 under the royal charter in February 1572. This was granted to John loyal a local farmer.

In the twentieth century, the building of the school evolved as innovation in the dining hall, modernization of syllabus, and abolishment of small houses were observed. And currently, 850 boys are enrolled in the school for education. The first school established in 1998 was Harrow Bangkok, in 20015 Harrow Beijing, in 2012 Harrow Hong Kong, and in 2016 Harrow shanghai this depicts the progress cycle of Harrow. The entire school lineage shares the same excellent academic level and learning experiences by staying in the traditional scenario at the same time focus on building a strong relationship between teacher and student.

Vision, values, and mission:

  1. The main vision of the school is not only to provide top-notch academic facilities that make them stand out in the crowd but also assist them in developing skills, motivation, and a high level of determination to make a positive impact on the lives of the community and the world. Leadership is the basic attribute of Harrovian as you can check this by the history. You will find various Harrovian pupils’ names engraved in history as profound leaders.

I enlist the six key leadership attributes of Harrovian below:

  • Positive contribution towards the community
  • Application of knowledge with compassion
  • Collaboratively solve the problem
  • Fair choices
  • Involvement of determination in facing any challenge
  1. The high-level academic performance leads the pupils to enroll in various prestigious universities. Harrow international school, HK believes in providing ample opportunities to students to broaden up their perspective at curriculum and co-curriculum level. This assists an individual in applying leadership qualities at school and outside the school area, i.e. in the external world.
  2. It underpins the school mission under the values of moral purposes that include all-time action with commitment and integrity to support the child’s development for achieving their potential level. And also provides diverse opportunities to both students and teachers for achieving an excellent result in curriculum.

The core values of Harrow international school in Hong Kong lie in this ethos:

  • High level of ambition to achieve top place in future opportunities
  • Consciousness to distinguish between wrong and right
  • Level of creativity to acknowledge dreams and realities
  • Motivation to continuously engage with selected goals and abolish hurdles in the way of achieving them
  • Courage to pursue interests and talents with a high level of ambition


Harrow international school, Hong Kong deals with the primary and secondary level pupils

Set of courses:

The set of courses they offer are pre-prep school for children of age 1 to 5 years, prep school for children of age 6 to 8 years by following the curriculum of British National. Senior school is for pupils of age 9 to 11, sixth is for students of age 12 to 13.

Admission process:

Harrow Hong Kong International School is known as a very selective school regarding the admission of various individuals.

The factors that are considered vital in admitting the individual in Harrow are:

Academic ability of individual

Involvement level in co-curricular activities

Relationship building level in and outside the school

Alignment of an individual with the ethos of the school

Age guidelines:

Before applying for any course at Harrow international school, Hong Kong, you need to check the updated guidelines of age to avoid any unpleasant situation.

As the age guidelines for a few students of the batch 2021-22 are enlisted below.

K1 and K2 (3 to 4 years)

Pre-prep school

One (5 to 6), two (6 to 7), three (7 to 8), four (8 to 9), five (9 to 10)

Prep school

Six (10 to 11), seven (11 to 12), eight (12 to 13) and the classes continue.

Merits of working in Harrow as teacher:

  • It provides the teachers the chance to teach bright and goal-oriented pupils
  • An opportunity to become a part of a team which is supportive, motivated, and forward thinkers
  • Inclusive Staff training program
  • Fee reduction program for teacher’s children
  • Bonus allowance and viable salaries offer
  • Housing allowance for teachers
  • Healthy working environment and ICT facilities
  • Chance to get involved in co-curricular and super0curricular activities by dint of the Harrow Horizon program.
  • Availability of well-being program and social program for staff
  • Medical insurance
  • Availability of breakfast, lunch, and supper for the teachers

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