Best online classes for leveling up your tech skills

Best Online Classes for Leveling Up Your Tech Skills

If you work in marketing, tech, or really any industry, change is the only constant. So, the idea that education stops upon earning a certain number of credits is just plain silly.

But while most of us can acknowledge the benefits of becoming a lifelong learner, it can be hard to find the time or the money to head back to school. Luckily, there are plenty of online courses that allow you to level up your skills in just about any topic you could think of.

With that in mind, here are some valuable opportunities for anyone looking to add a few more lines to their resume that will actually make a difference.

Best online classes for leveling up your tech skills

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, EDX

This course provides a high-level overview of AI and machine learning, explaining how AI is becoming the driving force behind smarter apps and more efficient organizations.

As part one of the Microsoft Professional Program in AI, the course will show you have to build basic machine learning models. You’ll use Azure Machine Learning and the Microsoft Bot Framework. While this all sounds super high-tech, you don’t need to be a coding expert to start playing around with the technology. The EDX website mentions that a high-school level statistics understanding and a working knowledge of Python are recommended, though not required.

Learn to Code for Data Analysis, Future Learn

Coding for Data Analytics

Data analysis is becoming an in-demand skill that may come in handy when you try to negotiate your next raise. Still, Learn to Code for Data Analysis will be easier to grasp if you know your way around a spreadsheet and are fairly good with numbers.

This course focuses primarily on Python–covering assignments, variables, expressions, functions, basic data types, and if-statements. You’ll practice programming in Jupyter Notebooks, writing and testing your own code.

The final component of the course is analysis. Students will use pandas to read Excel and CSV files, as well as clean, aggregate, and filter data into simple, readable charts.

Of course, the class will be easier if you have some knowledge of coding or data analytics. However, we like that this is an approachable “in” for data science beginners hoping to keep up with the latest technologies.


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