After ‘Brainstorming Workshop’, Top 50 Institutes Propose IIT Delhi To Research On Cow Products

The cow is flavour of the season and it remains in headlines for one reason or the other. And now even places like IITs too are engulfed the in the cow saga as IIT Delhi has received 50 proposals from top research institutions to explore the benefits of Panchagavya – a mixture of cow products such as urine, ghee, curd, dung and milk.

Research On Cow Products


The research proposals follow a brainstorming workshop held at IIT Delhi on the subject, the ministry of science and technology informed the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

IIT Delhi said the proposals have come from top-notch institutions including the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Labs. CSIR Labs, functioning under the ministry of science, are the best R&D facilities in the country.

“Yes, we have received proposals from CSIR labs, IITs, NITs (national institutes of technology), and agricultural institutions among others. We have not finalised any projects yet as they are being evaluated,” said V.K. Vijay, head of the centre for rural development and technology at IIT Delhi.

Research On Cow Products


The proposals received by IIT Delhi came after a National level ‘brainstorming workshop’ was organised by the institute in December 2016 to deliberate on Scientific Validation and Research on panchagavya (SVAROP). The workshop discussed the possible use of panchagavya in areas such as agriculture, medicine, nutrition, and in developing consumer products such as soaps and mosquito repellents.

As part of the effort, the government and the IIT department aim to set up a working group to study the “uniqueness of indigenous cows… and their products over exotic cows”, as per a background note of the workshop now available on the IIT Delhi website.

Research On Cow Products


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