The Educational Institutes In Gujarat Instructed To Go Cashless


tely, HRD Ministry was encouraging the educational institutes to go cashless. They also encouraged them to make people aware about the benefits of using digital methods. Following the same lines, the Gujarat education department also issued a circular and has instructed all the colleges to go cashless. This instruction has been given to all the colleges, whether it is a private college or a government college.

A circular was issued to the deputy secretary, “The objective of the Union government is to promote a system of cashless transactions. In accordance with that, all colleges and educational institutes coming under state-run and private universities are directed to set up such a system where students can pay their fees through online payment, point of sale (POS) machines and e-wallet facilities, with immediate effect. All institutes are directed to set up such system (online or cashless transaction) by December 1, 2016 and report it to the education department. The details regarding such cashless transactions should be communicated to the students and their parents through websites.”

In the same circular, it was also mentioned that these institutes need to show the report of the transactions that they make with the help of digital platform.

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said, “ All institutions have been asked to encourage and ensure cashless transactions are done through debit or credit cards, online transfers, RTGS, cheques.” He also conducted a meeting with all the officials and also the heads of all the Boards and Councils that are a part of the ministry. During the meeting, he encouraged all of them to spread awareness regarding the same.

Not only this, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the youth to spread awareness regarding the same and also told them to help people who are not well versed with the usage of digital platform.


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