The five best and 5 Worst States for Nurses


in case you’re approximately to graduate from university and get your nursing license, you is probably looking ahead to beginning your career with blended feelings. On the one hand, nursing careers pay well and provide low fees of unemployment; on the opposite, getting started may be a battle. it may be hard to get the minimum or three years of experience that many employers look for in a brand new lease.

With this in mind, WalletHub currently evaluated all 50 states and the District of Columbia to perceive the quality and worst states for nurses – specifically new nurses – in the U.S.


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WalletHub’s technique analyzed 14 metrics in foremost regions, opportunity & competition and paintings surroundings, to look which states provided the high-quality guide for nursing careers. Metrics blanketed starting revenue (adjusted for fee of dwelling), nursing-activity openings, instructional possibilities, mandatory additional time restrictions, and common wide variety of labor hours. the entire ranking is right here; those are the 5 great and worst states for nurses inside the U.S.:

great States for Nurses:

1. Washington:

opportunity & opposition Rank: 7

work environment Rank: 7

2. Illinois:

possibility & opposition Rank: 20

paintings environment Rank: five

3. Texas

opportunity & competition Rank: 3

work environment Rank: 19

4. Oregon:

possibility & competition Rank: 17

paintings environment Rank: 8

5. Iowa:

possibility & opposition Rank: four

work environment Rank: 17

Worst States for Nurses:

1. District of Columbia:

opportunity & competition Rank: fifty one

work environment Rank: 33

2. Louisiana:

opportunity & competition Rank: forty nine

paintings environment Rank: 51

three. Hawaii:

possibility & opposition Rank: 50

work environment Rank: 20

4. Alabama:

opportunity & competition Rank: 29

work environment Rank: 49

5. South Carolina:

possibility & opposition Rank: 32

paintings surroundings Rank: forty three

For more data, see WalletHub’s list.

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