Interview guides

Be realistic. Recruiters and HR professionals take time to write accurate job descriptions and advertisements. If you do not match at least 80% of their requirements, chances are you will not be considered for the role, but there are techniques for you to land your dream career.

• Pick a good recruiter. They advise you on how to present your CV, which roles to apply for and your salary level. They develop relationships with their clients, presenting candidates for roles along with their own recommendation and interview notes. Crucially, they will assist in your interview preparation.

• Prepare thoroughly for interviews. Do your research. There are seldom surprise questions as long as you have studied the job description, company, interviewer and even your own CV. The interviewer is always looking to assess three basic principles: Can you do the job? Will you stay in the job for a reasonable length of time? Will you fit into the culture and environment?

• Dress for success and conduct yourself in a professional manner on your scheduled interview. Be concise, to the point and use examples. Have questions prepared in advance and remember to be positive, interested and enthusiastic.

• Seek feedback from interviews. You are likely to have more than one interview so get constructive feedback from your recruiter and build upon this for the next stage.

• Be realistic with your expectations, which should be based on your current salary including some increment. Be mindful of being convinced to accept a counter-offer from your current employer in the event of an offer. After all, what prompted your job search in the first place?

Handy Hints
• Do your research about the company before your interview
• Wear business suit; conduct yourself in a professional manner
• Make a list of your accomplishments and highlight your skills


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