getting ready A-degree college students for the new fashion of examination papers

Subject Genius, Primrose Kitten, Preparing A-level students for the new style of exam papers
This time ultimate year i used to be handing out applications that represented a small dead tree. I gave every of my AS and A-level students all the past papers and mark schemes, and that i had a lot to present out!

This yr my AS college students aren’t even getting a tiny department. With the alternate in exam specifications there are just no beyond papers for our college students to use.

There wasn’t a massive alternate in what we needed to train them, but there has been a huge shift in how they’re assessed. This was causing troubles via the yr and it’s miles most noticeable now.

What are the adjustments?

There have been three essential modifications inside the fashion of assessment for the brand new specification. The advent of a couple of choice questions, longer questions with much less middleman steps to assist them through and hierarchal marking. each of these changes present its very own problems and we want to educate examination techniques to go with each of them.

Longer maths questions

within the past the maths questions were damaged down into sections, component a,b,c and so forth. This leads the students thru the question little bit by way of little bit, signal posting the way.

in this 12 months AS exam, students can be given the question with no signal posting alongside the way.

i have just a as a substitute ‘arts and crafts’ manner of fixing this problem, taking past papers and tipexing out the sub-questions, so there may be no component a,b or c. My college students assume i’m truely mean!

challenge Genius, Primrose Kitten, making ready A-degree students for the new fashion of examination papers

more than one choice questions

Hated by way of many as more than one bet questions, and cherished by others as easy. I don’t think those are a welcome addition to the examination papers.

20 questions in 25 minutes is tough, I would like students to draw the whole lot out fully and do each calculation step by step. however there simply isn’t always sufficient time for that. we are having to teach them the way to study a query and workout the correct solution in 60 seconds.

To try and assist them with this, i have been giving them 20 questions each week. To save me from marking them all i use edpuzzle.

I do not forget a very last 12 months examination at college which changed into multiple choice, with adjusted marking. If i’m in a evil mood i’ll use this as properly, or just make students face up to the quiz until they get all of them accurate.

Hierarchal marking

With those large lengthy questions really worth simply below 10% of the paper, missing out a tiny bit is now lacking out a whole grade. in the beyond with a test list for marking missing out a small bit meant handiest lacking out on a mark or .

if you omit out a key piece this is had to get out the level one box, although this is best one sentence, you have misplaced nearly a whole grade, even though the whole thing else you write is ideal.

i’ve been writing paper after paper to try to prepare then for this.

i’m hoping i’ve finished sufficient.

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