HCL launches career training programme for women

HCL launches career training programme for women

An intensive class-room training course to refresh their skills.

CHENNAI: HCL Technologies has launched a career training programme titled ‘íBelieve’ to help women who have taken a career break to re-ignite their IT career and refresh their skills.

After the programme, based on the experience and skill sets, they will be placed in jobs at HCL. “With the women’s second career programme, HCL wants to offer a chance to these women to pick up their career from where they left off. We believe that the zeal to do well and achieve their career aspirations always remains. With this programme, we aim at refreshing their technical and other business skills to get them to meet their professional aspirations,” HCL said in a statement.

The programme is a 1 to 3 month intensive class-room training programme which would refresh a candidate’s previously learnt skills. The fees for programme is ₹2.5 lakh plus taxes. Women who have taken a career break of more than 2 years but less than 6 years are eligible for the programme. As of now, the programme is open to residents of Chennai and Bengaluru.

“If you look at students graduating from engineering colleges, 50% are women. They mostly work in IT sector and than take a career break and don’t return. We are open to enrolling 1,000 women under the programme,” Srimathi Shivashankar, executive vice-president, HCL Technologies, said.


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