India system of education

A lot has been said about our Education system in the past…

It continues to be a point of debate amongst the learned as to how effective is our education system. While most of us continue to argue, there have been several changes made to the curriculum followed in schools all over the country. We can distribute the education system in several parts i.e. Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary and College.

A Boost to your Confidence

The Education system followed in schools has seen many changes in the recent past where people continued to criticise a few. For example, the grading system that was introduced around 7 years back has been rolled back to continue with the Class X boards. Not many of us understood the reason but it was mostly because the students were easily passing class X and then Class XI was suddenly too tough for them. The Students were getting used to making projects etc. when they were meant to understand the basics of different subjects to get a strong foundation before preparing for the competitive exams.

Almost all the analysts have concluded how our education system fails to enhance the soft skills in our children. Other than the in-depth knowledge of a subject, the student needs to have the confidence to share his/her knowledge with others. This is where our system fails. Students cram the books only to score good marks and have no idea about the basics whatsoever. There are several exams conducted through the year before the students pass over to the next class.

This keeps the students so much busy that they are left with hardly any time left for some extra curricular activities. The result is such that the children remain restricted to books while preparing for the variety of exams being held in the school with no exposure to other activities. Since this issue has been raised over the years, several private schools have added extra curricular activities to the curriculum of students. However the issue continues to remain as these schools are unable to maintain the balance between the two giving students a difficult time.

Also, quality school education has become super expensive in the country. There is no controlling authority to keep a check on the fee charged by the high-end private schools making it almost impossible for the middle-class children to get admitted into these schools. While private schools have become money making machines, public-sector schools suffer with disinterested teachers and shortage of resources. There are Govt. schools with literally no benches for students. The infrastructure is in a bad shape as no one seems to be interested in providing quality education to the children coming from poor backgrounds. Thus, it is really important to bring a balance between the private schools and public sector schools.

After schooling let’s talk about the colleges, as students are again given restricted syllabi which they should cram from the books to be reproduced during the exams. Students coming out of professional colleges after completion of courses like Engineering etc. need to be provided with some practical training by the companies before they can be hired. This is where the question erupts that why isn’t the education imparted in colleges and schools not good enough to get the students directly absorbed into jobs.

Apart from the education, every student is expected to have done some certified courses so that he/she can stand ahead of others. Even if you score the highest in college, it means nothing until you have got several certifications to back your claim of being knowledgeable enough for the job. There are courses for personality development and other soft skills that every child needs to get acquainted with as no educational institution at any level is paying attention to brushing these skills in the children.

Thus, our education is strong enough to put us ahead of others when it comes to having in-depth knowledge of subjects or being hard-working and sincere. The only area where we are left way behind is in presenting ourselves confidently. You may have enough knowledge but it is of no use unless you can present it to the interviewer sitting in front of you. This is where our education system fails us but there are several courses that you can do to stay ahead in every field. do not remain dependent on the curriculum but instead, figure out how you can stand apart from the rest of the students.


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