HRD Ministry to award educational institutes that promote demonetization

Promoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea of demonetization in a major way, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has now given a deadline to all educational institutions to go completely digital for payments, and the institute that makes the best effort will be awarded by the ministry.

According to sources, a road map on how e-payment mode should be adopted has been given to various institutions, and by January 12 all institutions should complete the first step of going completely cashless. A circular in this regard was sent to all colleges and universities recently. Institutes are also required to submit the details of the steps taken by them till January 12, and the number of student volunteers that have been enrolled, a source in the ministry said. The ministry wants students to spread the message of demonetization in the community.

“Among the various instructions that universities have been given include vendors in universities, and colleges should be asked to open bank account and shop owners should adopt POS machines. The entire system should be made cashless by January 12. During this time, institutions have also been asked to enroll its students as volunteers to spread the message,” said the source.

NSS units in colleges have already been asked to adopt marketplaces and visit nearest establishments to teach people about digital modes of payment. While the ministry is actively promoting demonetization through educational institutions, other important tasks like New Education Policy have taken a back-seat. A new committee to review the New Education Policy was supposed to be set up by the ministry by end of November, but no steps have been taken so far. According to sources in the ministry, demonetization is the main focus right now.

HRD Minister’s address to higher educational institutes and colleges has also been only about demonetization in the recent times. The minister addressed VCs of all Central Universities on Thursday through video conferencing to make an appeal to them for going cashless.


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