HundrEd 2017 Summit in Helsinki: 6 Indian institutes recognised

Photo: Twitter (@HundrEDorg)

Six projects and educational organisations from India have been recognised by HundrED — a global education non-profit based in Finland — to bring to fore 100 of the most inspiring innovations in education.

Vega School, Project DEFY, Design for Change, Self Organised Learning Environments, The Museum School and THINK Global School were recognised at the annual HundrEd 2017 Innovation Summit event held here, for their efforts in path-breaking ideas to bring about a revolution in the education space.

Vega School, which was announced as one of the 100 unique innovations in K-12 education space across the world, was chosen because of its thoughtfully designed “Project-Based Learning” that is based on flat leadership, collaboration and international sharing.

The learners of this programme have the freedom to pursue personal interests, behaviour — and attitudes towards learning are intrinsically motivated and more positive.

“We started Vega not to impact education in India, but to change the world. We truly believe that if we can dream it we can achieve it,” Steve Edwards, Co-Founder of Vega Schools, said in a statement.

“Vega School clearly stood out to us as a project that needed to be shared with the world. Being able to showcase these innovations marks the beginning of a drive to get all teachers involved in revolutionising education,” added Saku Tuominen, Creative Director of HunrdED.

HundrED’s mission is to help schools change by seeking and sharing inspiring innovations in K12 education. It aims that, by 2020, the world of education will be full of innovations that travel across borders, from continent to continent.



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