MP govt and private schools come to a face-off over school fees issue

Private school operators and the government have come to a face-off in Madhya Pradesh. The MP government issued an order on Thursday saying parents of students studying in private schools will not have to deposit any fees other than tuition fees till further orders.

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On the other hand, private school operators have warned that they should be allowed to collect tuition fees as well as other fees such as annual fees and school development fees; otherwise schools in the state would be closed in protest from July 12.

What MP education minister said

In fact, on Thursday evening, Minister of School Education Inder Singh Parmar said that private schools will neither charge any fees other than tuition fees nor will they increase any fees till further orders in the academic session 2021-22.

For the academic session 2021-22, if the fee has been increased by any school, then the fees collected by such increase will be met from the next due fees of the students concerned.

The school education department has issued instructions in this regard to the collectors of all the districts, all the divisional joint directors of public instruction and district education officers.

Warning from private school operators

The government has issued an order not to charge fees other than tuition fees, while private school operators have clearly said that other fees should be allowed in addition to tuition fees.

Private school operators have put forward eight demands in front of the government on Thursday and have warned that if the demand is not accepted, all private schools in the state will be closed from July 12 and online classes will not be taken.


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