How India can be the world’s most powerful country even after robots take away our jobs

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India is on the ride to become the more powerful country with the most demanded work-force in the world. How will be survive robots taking away our jobs?

It is a crystal-clear fact — different populations will face different outcomes and consequences with the coming of automation and robots, and India is on the ride to become the more powerful country with the most demanded work-force in the world.

India, a land of a billion plus people will achieve feats no one ever imagined.

While it’s still largely a developing country, there are certain areas where India already stands far above the developed nations and will do even more when robots and AI will replace a lot of current jobs.

Why will India become the most powerful country in the world?

Because the clear Indian vision to invest in technical capabilities will sort out the exponential big effect with robots and AI.

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The future has a huge range of jobs that robots and automation cannot touch, but we need to be prepared for those.

Indeed, for every job position that will be displaced by a robot and AI there will be the following new 3 roles:

  1. One position to invent new technologies (and robots)
  2. Another one to manage and give instructions to the current existing technologies
  3. And the last one for the maintenance of the existing technologies

This will be clearly in favor of India. There are more technological capabilities in India than anywhere else in the world.

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Concierge jobs to be replaced by AI and IoT

Let’s take a few examples. Recently there was this news that a lot of concierge (a resident caretaker of a block of flats or a small hotel) jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) with natural voice language processing. So who are going to lose their jobs and who are going to win the three new jobs?

Currently, concierge jobs can be done by any populations without any barriers besides language. But the three new jobs will strongly rely on technology where Indians have no rivalry.

Japan’s Henn Na hotel (or Weird Hotel) is run entirely by robots! (photo source: Honda)

Customer-related services will benefit the most from these technologies, followed by hospitality and education, and so Indians.

A concierge can forget things, but an AI will not. Some jobs will be lost but at the same time, new roles will emerge and Indians will rock.

Rise of AI in medicine: How will India cope?

Fewer doctors more robots, developers and data scientists — indeed, the biomedical industry is changing a lot with technology. Your future doctor may not be human. This is the rise of AI in medicine.

From mental health apps to robot surgeons, artificial intelligence is already changing the practice of medicine. AI has made its way into hospitals around the world. But there is nothing to worry about: the introduction of AI into health care is not necessarily about opposing human minds against machines.


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