I’ve forgotten Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin: Mona Singh on success, career and Mumbai

Mona Singh

Mona Singh came to Mumbai from Pune and debuted on television with Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin in 2003. Fourteen years have passed since then, and Mona is thankful for how far she has come in her career. “I never planned all this. I saw myself as an actor who is famous, known and who people love. That was my ultimate dream before I came to Mumbai and now when I look back and talk about Jassi… I have forgotten Jassi, how it was, what did I do in the show, and what happened. I have moved on. I have never looked back after the show.”

Thanking the city that is her home now, Mona says, “Mumbai has been so beautiful to me. The city has accepted me, and the people have loved and appreciated my work. I learnt so much about my craft, my work, about people and the industry. It has been fabulous. I had asked for very little… I have loved each and every project I was part of.”


Being a newcomer was tough for Mona, but she is glad that over these years, she has made so many friends in the city. Mona says, “I remember I had no one when I shifted to Mumbai. I only knew the producers of Jassi…, Deeya Singh and Tony Singh, and I would visit their home for lunch and dinner. Later, I made friends and got close to Rakshandha (Khan; actor) and Apu (actor Apurva Agnihotri). Now, I have so many friends to hang out with.”

Mona Singh in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin with Apurva Agnihotri.

Not only did she feel accepted by the audience and the industry, but also sought some divine intervention. “Initially, when I was in Mumbai, people had said that to gain access to the city, I have to go to Mumba Devi Temple. I went there later and thanked the Devi. My parents, too, shifted soon after to Mumbai from Pune. They never imagined they would move here. They love it here. This city is crazy and I love it. I might visit any city in the world for any amount of time but when I come back, I feel I am home,” she says.


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