Job Search: Can your brain tell what career is right for you?

A fascinating new way to learn what job suits your personality.

Can your brain hold the answers to what career is most suitable for you? Every brain is wired differently, which means everything from your thought process to your reaction to a situation and even the skill sets you possess will be different from someone else.

A revolutionary new process called 4D Brain Analysis promises to unlock the secrets of the brain and provide scientific answers about one’s personality.

The patent-pending 4D Brain Analysis combines four different steps to arrive at answers. Components of the analysis include Brain Mapping, DNA mapping, Biological Mapping and Psychological Mapping. While each of the technology or techniques have been around for quite some time, what makes this analysis unique is that it combines all of them together to come up with something unique.

4D Brain Analysis is the result of years of research undertaken by Dr Alok K Mishra. A postdoctoral d .. The result of 4D Brain Analysis, Mishra says, can give us a picture of a person’s personality, understand the capacities, competencies and behavior of an individual and maximize their potential. “With the 4D analysis one can find out about the field he or she can excel in, which in turn can help you make a career choice. For others, it can also help you figure out the reason that hinders one’s performance. Beyond that innate potential of an individual, reason for depression, an individual’s lear ..



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