Louis C.K.: Dancing is ‘the worst possible career choice’

Louis C.K. is human, not dancer.

Speaking to Conan O’OBrien on a recent episode of Conan, the comedian explained why he thinks professional dancers made a mistake with their career choices.

“Dancing is really inspiring to watch, when somebody … it’s a terrible life choice. It’s the dumbest. It’s the worst career choice,” C.K. said.

As he explained to an incredulous O’Brien, “It’s the worst available career choice. It’s a massive amount of dedication followed by giving up. They all have to give up. Because there are three dance jobs on the Planet Earth.”

C.K. also trashed O’Brien’s late-show band, claiming none of its members wanted to be so anonymous. “This is not their dream, none of them,” he said, before saying being in a band was still better than being a dancer.

His final thoughts on dancers? “Stupid for their lives, wonderful for ours.”


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