Mark Zuckerberg’s career in 90 seconds

From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook, this series charts the lives and careers of leaders in the technology sector, taking in their early successes, greatest defeats and the innovations that made them famous.

In this episode we take a look at Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to fame, examining his initial production and launch of Facebook and revealing his net worth.

The American-born entrepreneur created a social networking site at his Harvard University alongside three fellow students calling it “Harvard Connection”, he soon left the project and dropped out of college to properly focus on building the site further in 2004.

As the social networking site kept on growing, in 2014 Facebook bought WhatsApp for almost $22 billion and Zuckerberg’s net worth continues to grow.

Future episodes in this series will take a closer look at the careers of other tech giants including Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and American internet entrepreneur Jimmy Wales. Last week’s episode focused on the career of Apple businessman Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs' rise to fame in 90 seconds

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