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My name is Sumeet and I head the HR function for a large private organisation based at Chennai. I have done my master’s in Social Work (HR) and have 13+ years of experience. I’m seeking to upgrade myself and wish to do an executive MBA from a reputed institute. Please suggest good institutes where I could pursue an MBA (or equivalent programme) on a part-time basis.

I would recommend that you do a part-time MBA with weekend or alternate day evening contact classes so as to maximise learning from peers and faculty in the classroom. This would be a better option than an online or distance MBA; few online MBA programmes do have web-based learning but the impact of classroom learning is much better. You may consider options from the IIMs or IISc or LIBA or BIM to name a few.

What is your opinion about ethical hacking as a career?
Ethical hacking comes under the domain of cyber security. It is the detailed study of the internal detailed workings of a system to discover new weaknesses in an otherwise secure system. The studies here include networking protocol, underlying OS principles, reversing skills and such which can help access sensitive data despite passwords and locks in case of an emergency. The word ETHICAL here is most critical. It is a good career option and institutions such as PSG-Coimbatore, Symbiosis and so on are extremely good places to learn.

[Source:-The New Indian Express]

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