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I am from Kerala, aged 28. I passed BA Economics, and PG Diploma in Tour Operations. Can you guide me regarding opportunities in the field.
The tourism industry is growing in India and Asia consistently. With the growth of private airlines and holiday destinations, the population of holiday goers has increased. Thus tourist operators and tourist guides find plenty of job opportunities. You may seek a career with leading travel companies such as Thomas Cook. As you gain some experience, you could move to international tours. Do study for a master’s degree after gaining work experience.

I am in my final year, pursuing BA Mass Communication and Journalism with Psychology. I always wanted to pursue MBA but now I am doubtful. My favourite subject is French and I thought of doing master’s in it but due to its limited scope I dropped the idea. I don’t know which field I am interested in.
Your best option would be to do a MBA in HRD or Masters in Mass Communication and Advertising; this would give you a chance to leverage on your specialisation at the graduate level. You could meet a career counsellor and seek guidance on how to choose between the options based on an aptitude test. Your love for French could be useful to seek an international career at a later point of time.

[Source:-The New Indian Express]

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