NMC-OCW held ‘Swachhata Abhiyan’ on ESR’s premises

Nagpur : In its commitment towards better, cleaner and water wealthy Nagpur, Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water (OCW) on March 20 organised Swachhata Abhiyan on its ESR premises in all 10 zones. NMC-OCW employees enthusiastically cleaned Laxminagar Old and New ESR premises (Laxminagar zone), Ram Nagar (Dharampeth), Omkar Nagar (Hanuman Nagar), Reshimbagh (Dhantoli zone), Sakkardara (Nehru Nagar zone), Khadan (Gandhibagh), Wanjari, Shanti Nagar, Bastarwari (Satranjipura zone), Minimata Nagar (Lakadganj zone), Mahendra Nagar (Binaki) and Indora (Asinagar zone), Gittikhadan and Rajbhavan (Mangalwari zone) from 7 am to 9 am on Sunday.


NMC-OCW employees on the occasion have taken oath to not only to keep the city clean, but also its premises. OCW CEO Sanjoy Roy has stated that OCW will conduct such Swachhata Abhiyan once every month. The active participation seen today indicated the OCW employees’ determination in keeping their oath.


NMC-OCW has been cleaning ESRs all over the city since three years. The objective of the drive is to clean every ESR in city at least once a year in a bid to provide people clean and clear water.


So far, NMC-OCW has cleaned all ESRs and MBRs twice. In the year 2015-16 the ESR/GSR cleaning process is already going on, now OCW employees have took a challenge to clean ESR premises under Swachhata Abhiyaan.


OCW CEO Sanjay Roy, Director KMP Singh, NESL EE, R D Jadhav, deputy directors Rajesh Kalra, Rahul Kulkarni, Vinod Gupta, Animesh Mehta and other senior officials of OCW and NESL participated in the drive.


[SOURCE :-indiatimes]

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