Pickpocket signs up for hacking classes to enable him to steal online

New Delhi. A pickpocket in the capital city has recently signed up for hacking classes to enable him to steal online. Faking News reporter, an ethical hacker himself, if there ever is such a thing in journalism, logged into the training centre’s website for an online chat with the wannabe hacker.

petty thief

“With changing times, we have to upgrade ourselves. Now that, India is going digital and there is no money in anyone’s wallet to pick, we are going digital too,” PP explained the business decision.

When Faking News reporter commented on the  initials for his profession, PP ignored the quip and continued, “I have had some horrific experience picking a few pockets after the demonetization announcement. Most of the wallets were empty; some had a few old notes; a few had useless rs.2000 notes and worse of it all, a few had fake currencies of the new rs.2000 notes”

“I tried my level best to dispose those notes and it took a few weeks to do so. Interestingly, many of them had small pieces of paper with all kinds of pins and  passwords written. That’s when it hit me! India is going digital and some Indians are keeping the digits inside their wallets and some don’t,” PP elaborated on the reason why he had joined the hacking classes.

“I have already hacked into the training centre’s bank account and transferred enough money to cover my classes,” PP signed off with a chuckle from the online chat even as the reporter was logging into his Internet banking to check if his funds are intact.


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