Stephen Curry Online Classes to Teach Basketball Fundamentals

Image: Stephen Curry Online Classes to Teach Basketball Fundamentals

Stephen Curry will soon be teaching online basketball classes. The Golden State Warriors superstar will partner with MasterClass to teach basketball fundamentals through a series of videos, ESPN reported.

Masterclass is an online education platform that features an array of professionals from various fields offering their expertise through video classes.

Curry joins an already impressive list of celebrity instructors including Gordon Ramsay, Samuel. L. Jackson and Christina Aguilera and, as the only basketball pro, he will bring a fresh set of skills to the panel.

If I think about where I was when I was 13, if I had access to this type of curriculum, I would have been a much better player faster,” Curry told ESPN.

“So when the opportunity with MasterClass came about to put a class together where I can show people my unique way of playing this game, it was [a] natural fit. The goal is for everybody to get better and enjoy basketball more. I want them to push and challenge themselves, and hopefully they see the game differently.”

According to Larry Brown Sports, the classes will start next year and users can enroll for the individual course for $90. Forking out $180 will give the user unlimited access to all of the courses on offer.

The NBA noted that the classes were targeting beginner and intermediate players hoping to advance their skills in the game by learning key aspects such as ball shooting and handling as well as using ball screens and finishing on either side of the rim.

“For me, it’s a cool learning process because I actually get to articulate a lot of the things that are pretty natural to me, but it might not be natural to others,” Curry told ESPN.

He added that the video tutorials allowed him to “explain all the things that I do to get better.”

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