Stipend/Scholarship of APST students

Dear Editor,
I am writing about the recent catch-22 over the Stipend/Scholarship of APST students and their misconceptions on it. To begin with, under the scheme of Post Matric Scholarships to the students belonging to Scheduled Tribes for studies in India, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India, Article III (xii), No.11017/4/97-SCD-V dated 10.07.1998 states that a scholarship holder under this scheme will not hold any other scholarship/stipend.
Similarly, clause V(6) of Arunachal Pradesh State Stipend Scheme 2012 (w.e.f. 01.04.2012) articulates the same provision as above.
Furthermore, a three-tier cross verification have been devised this year to avoid duplicates, since many such cases were witnessed in the preceding years wherein the students availed the both.
All in all, I must state that, Arunachal Pradesh – a nurturing state; must have contribution from all sections of the society for its well being. We as students can avail the center’s benefit and convert the State’s stipend fund for other developmental activities in education department.
And at this dawn of the new academic session, I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration and may the students excel in their future endeavors with sincerity and diligence.
Koncho Tashi
Assistant Secretary Education
All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union


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