Take an online master class with Gordon Ramsay

itish celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is launching an online master class course that promises to take budding home chefs to the next level.

In a departure from his mercurial “shouty” self, a softer, gentler Ramsay will guide students on how to chop like a chef, sautée like a chef and flambée like a chef in the new online series.

“You’ll see a side to me across this class that I don’t think has ever been shown before,” Ramsay says in a promotional video.

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Shot in his home, the online course is comprised of 15 video lessons spread out over four hours and costs $90 (about R1,283).

He shares tips on basic knife skills, for instance (three fingers down, knuckles in place) and how to prevent salmon filets from curling up (score the salmon skin).

“Everything I’ve learned, understood, stolen, perfected is laid bare across this master class,” Ramsay said.

It’s the latest project for the busy chef, whose restaurant empire includes 30 restaurants around the world in Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Ramsay also holds a total of six Michelin stars.

TV audiences know him best for assuming the persona of the “shouty,” hot-tempered, foul-mouthed host of food shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Hotel Hell. He also hosts MasterChef, MasterChef Jr. and Kitchen Nightmares.

The online course is in collaboration with San Francisco-based outfit Masterclass, which also offers screenwriting courses taught by Aaron Sorkin, singing classes with Christina Aguilera, the art of performance with Usher and acting lessons with Kevin Spacey.

Masterclass with Gordon Ramsay is expected to launch in 2017.

Home cooks who may not want to fork over cash can still learn Ramsay’s advanced cooking tricks and tips can head to his YouTube channel where he shares a variety of recipes.


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