What Does it Take to Be Successful in Your Career

Image result for What Does it Take to Be Successful in Your Career forbesThe primary desire of every professional, be it a writer, artist, actor or dancer, is to be successful in their chosen career field. Success doesn’t occur based on desire; it’s a culmination of consistent effort, commitment, and a push towards a particular course, including a career that yields success. So, what does it take to be successful in your career? Continue reading to find out.

It’s important to mention here that there’s no specific rule or guideline to guarantee career success, as the journey towards achieving it for one individual differs from the other. Regardless, one thing remains constant; that’s the fact the principle of achieving success in a career, just like life, money, wealth creation is unchanging. If applied rightly, you can rest assured of an enviable result.

Having said this, in order to achieve success professionally, one of the most valuable directions young professionals should take is to seek a stand out career mentor that will help garner the required experience. Especially a mentor who understands the mistakes, failings, curiousness, and hunger for success you display. There are many important points to take note of in the race for career success. However, most of the critical steps will be cited among the eight below.

Have a Blueprint

The importance of carefully crafting a career blueprint as a professional coming through the ranks can’t be overemphasized, as it shows the level of preparedness toward the challenges that lie ahead in the future. Beyond this, when present happenings aren’t the desired ones, the strength to forge ahead irrespective, stems from the confidence that’s gathered from the blueprint.

The possibility of cross-carpeting to other fields of endeavor due to fulfilment regardless of heights attained in the profession or financial accomplishments are reduced to the barest minimum when a blueprint is in existence.

Personal Development

In a professional environment, the need to constantly evaluate your personal growth is non-negotiable. Doing something, the same way every time and expecting a different result, like it’s commonly said, is the definition of madness. Hence, the appraisal of self is important for your confidence and the organization you represent.

A survey form on your personality traits such as your attitude to work, time management, communication, and interpersonal skills should be drafted for colleagues and individuals who know you to give an assessment from their perspective.

Be a Problem Solver

The unwritten desire of every employer is to hire a professional that has the knack or “can do” attitude towards any challenge that arises within the workspace. Most times, it’s not uncommon to hear people utter the statement “Nobody is indispensable.” However, the reality is, for an individual who possesses the attitude for solving problems, it’s almost impossible to do away with such talent. So, the chances of such a person continually succeeding gradually in career via promotions, awards, recognition and other forms of accomplishments can’t be pushed aside.


Human beings are by nature social animals; this provides the avenue to relate with other people within your environment easily as we aren’t created to exist in isolation. That’s why like it’s commonly said that “Two heads are better than one.” However, for the purpose of this writing, permit us to rephrase it to “Two good heads are better than one.”

Networking, therefore, is a vital aspect of both your personal and professional life, because the interaction with others is important; the position they currently hold notwithstanding. Via networking, long-lasting friendships and mutually rewarding business relationships are built. It’s also through connecting with people in different strata that information can be generated. Every business needs potential clients to market their services, thus making them constantly on the lookout for individuals with the right connections that will help project the company towards the target audience.


Generally, in the school of success and to achieve career success, it’s important to build and always display that resilient attitude. This is because there are many difficult moments that will test your resolve and strength will arise periodically. The only way to surmount such times is the trust and resilience needed. If presently things look bleak without any success in sight, you will pull through the storm and eventually have a positive story to share at the end of the journey. “Tough times don’t last; only tough people do” as it’s commonly said.


Communication is one of the steps that ensure success is achieved individually and collectively as an organization. It’s usually divided into two types; this includes the oral and written ways of communicating. However, whichever type is deployed, it’s essential to communicate effectively as a member of a team or organization as it helps to maintain the flow of conversation and keep all channels in the hierarchy informed on the developments ongoing. When you share beneficial information, the chances that people understand you better is a more significant possibility as against keeping mute.

Take Responsibility for Actions

Being responsible is a fundamental attitude to display as an individual, both personally and in the business environment. Every human being needs to take responsibility for their actions and not peg the blame on a third party. The consciousness of the choices you made previously leading to the present result requires no form of reminder externally. Hence, instead of sulking and trading blame games with another person, immediately resolve the issue to avoid a recurrence.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone denies you the opportunity to attain the full potential of success in whatever you desire to achieve in your career. It could be the way you manage time, workload or even people. It’s a state that affords you the opportunity to do things conveniently without the certainty of any success in the end. When you leave your comfort zone, you defy the odds, break limitations and aspire for the most prominent achievements you never thought was once possible.


Building a successful career is not hard, but it takes time, effort and a lot of courage. No matter your position or how successful you believe you are, you must continue to learn in order to make an impact in this competitive environment.


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