Teach, Stream, Be Acquired: Why Online Education Investors Are Hot for Teacher

Aside from quitting smoking, losing weight and managing stress, USA.gov reports that Americans are looking to expand their educations in 2015.

The College Board — yes, the same folks behind the dreaded SAT exam all college-bound high school students must take with a No. 2 pencil — estimates the average costs of tuition and fees for a private college in 2013-14 topped $30,000.

As college fees become prohibitively pricey for some would-be learners, a revolutionary solution has emerged. Popular video sharing sites like YouTube offer video-based lessons on everything from the proper grammatical usage of causative verbs to making cheese. Apple’s iTunes U boasts more than 750,000 “individual learning materials” from nearly 70 countries.

[Source:-Huffingto post]

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