Tips to find fulfilment in your career: Set goals, take an online course, connect with new people

happy with jobWhat do Madonna and Binny Bansal have in common? They both promote the art of reinventing yourself. In a recent interview, the former CEO of Flipkart said that before co-founding the e-commerce website, he was not satisfied with his job and so he decided to find his own purpose. While not everyone can quit and chase their dreams, you can update and reinvent your career to help you find fulfilment. Read these tips to get you started.

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Both Binny Bansal and Madonna promote the art of reinventing yourself.

Change it up
While it may be obvious, doing something different is a great way to push yourself in a new direction. Whether it’s meeting new people or learning a new skill, a fresh approach can help you expand your mind and options. Another skill on your resume opens up new avenues for you to try out. Networking can help you reach opportunities that evaded you in the past. Finding something you’re interested in is a great way to get out of a career rut.

Get online
Many of us spend a fair amount of time on the internet — surfing sites, online shopping or catching up with friends. Instead of using this time to well, pass the time, use it productively. Taking an online course, listening to mentors speak on platforms online and even connecting to people in other fields via business networking sites is a great way to jolt you out of your comfort zone. You will expose yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking with just a click of the mouse. So, get online to get out of your stagnant mode.

Talk it out
If you like your line of work and feel you have more to offer in your current role, speak up. Look around your workplace and see if there are any areas that you feel you would like to contribute to, talk to your superior about how you’re feeling in your current role and how you would like to expand your profile. Good bosses will never shy away from the chance of helping an employee who is keen on pushing forward — so take your chance and let them know.
Set a goal
And write it down with a time frame. If you are not clear about what you want to do and when you want to achieve it, you may end up feeling lost, unmotivated and frustrated, which could lead you to give up on your new endeavour quickly. Make a rough timetable with realistic short-term goals that lead to the bigger picture. Ticking off smaller tasks on the way to a new you is a great way to make your plans a reality.

On the side
Some personal or professional circumstances could may you feel like you have no option but to stick to the role you’re in. But you still have a choice to enrich yourself. How? Do it during your non-working hours.Volunteering or taking up a course in a field that could be completely unrelated to your work gives you confidence and also, a more well-rounded life.


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