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Searching for a new job can often be a daunting prospect. It is, therefore, essential to maintain a positive outlook and, most importantly, to learn from your mistakes. Below are five common mistakes to avoid:

• Taking rejection personally – It is very rare that you will be offered the first job that you are being interviewed for. The GCC is an incredibly competitive job market, so it is important to realise that rejection is just part of the search process. Learn from each interview and use it to make you better equipped for the next.

• Not asking for feedback – Whether you are applying for jobs directly or through a recruitment agency, it is incredibly important that you ask for feedback after an interview. Asking for feedback, whether negative or positive, will make you better equipped to perform at your next interview.

• Applying for every job you see – It is important to focus your energy on positions that you truly understand and those where you could add real value to the role. Take your time and apply for jobs that excite and inspire you. Nothing comes across better than a candidate who is truly engaged in the position he is applying for.

• Not tailoring your CV – Every job is unique and every employer is looking for something different. When approaching a new job application, it is important to really think about what you believe the employer is looking for and to tailor your CV accordingly.

• Forgetting that times change – If you have not been in the job market for a number of years, then your expectations may be unrealistic. Times may have significantly changed since the last time you were looking for a career move, so it is important to maintain an open outlook. Speak to a recruiter who can help you understand the job market and what salary you can expect to earn.

Handy Hints
• Learn to assess your skills and your value in the job market
• Choose to work with a few reputable recruiters in your field
• Research about the firm before proceeding to the interview


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