TVTC revokes licenses of training institutes for violating rules

RIYADH: The Technical and Vocational and Training Corporation (TVTC) granted 126 licenses to training facilities last year, of which 59 have been canceled due to various violations.

Fahad Al-Otaibi, TVTC spokesman, said of the 59 licenses issued to training facilities managed by the private sector, 24 were cancelled.
The licenses were revoked after the training facilities were found to be violating rules and regulations after being notified to correct irregularities in their operations.
He said the erring institutes committed violations by using unlicensed training programs, non-commitment to training regulations, hiring untrained trainers and lacking facilities.
Al-Otaibi added that the TVTC had issued 1,000 licenses to training facilities and institutes in various parts of the Kingdom.
He said in 2016, TVTC representatives carried out 3,500 supervisory visits to institutes and facilities in all regions of the Kingdom to ensure the progress of training they were conducting.
He added that the visits were also conducted to ensure quality of standards, and to see if the training environment was in accordance with TVTC rules and regulations.
He said the institution provides an opportunity for apprentices and trainees to ascertain the validity of licenses of facilities via an electronic portal to enable beneficiaries to have access to information before enrolling in any of the training programs.
Meanwhile, the TVTC provided training to 2,750 prison inmates, in partnership with the Directorate General of Prisons, to provide them with the necessary skills to get jobs if and when they are released.

[Source:-Arab News]

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