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There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to finding the best places to intern. When it comes to finding such kinds of internships, there is an abundance of internships…

There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to finding the best places to intern. When it comes to finding such kinds of internships, there is an abundance of internship institutes in India which would land you in some of the finest companies for internships. In case you want to find the best places to enrol yourself, we have plenty of options available for you which we have mentioned in this blog post.

We have answered some of the questions asked about the best places to intern in India in this blog post. So, keep on reading and have the answer to your questions here.

1. Where are the best places for geology internships in India?

There are a lot of networks and institutes that provide geology internships in India. You can refer to Verzeo for finding the best match for yourself. Most of the similar institutes provide surveys, network creation and flow analysis apart from other required services. You also get the experience of developing the cloud-based geographical information systems application for custom engineering or 3D visualization along with distributed computing. The aim of most similar programs (like that of Verzeo) is to make the candidates highly skilful and also reserve their seats in a very reputed firm.

The candidates will also get placement assistance after the successful completion of an internship course in GIS. Along with that, they will also get a letter of work and certificate on the successful completion of the internship of the geological course.

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2. What are the best ways to get an internship at a startup?

Getting an internship at a startup depends on your role. However, here are a few steps that would improve your chances of landing a great startup internship.

Look hirable

Most of the resumes because being too ‘basic’, something which the hirers don’t like at all. You won’t stand out if you are carrying the same practices. Use a tool like Canva for designing a nicer looking resume.

Contact your “future boss”

Try to hit up some of the services and job offers on LinkedIn and try to contact the person who you think is going to become your future boss. Send them an email with a desire to learn more about the company. Try to do the same with a few other bosses or company owners around.

Find companies you care about

This is kind of a pre-task but you should do it to be fair. In case you care about what the company is doing and find a way to communicate this to a real human, you would stand a great chance at getting a great offer.

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3. Which is the best company to do an internship for MBA?

Let’s be honest here. The best kind of internship which you might want depends on what kind of career path you want to have. An internship is one of the best tools for getting an insight into the way the industry and function work as it is a temporary job. This element is especially important between the first and second years of your MBA. The same goes for the case when you have confusion regarding what kind of specialization you want to have.

This usually works in 2 ways. Firstly, if you have confusion regarding how you want to see your career progressing, an internship usually helps resolve your doubts and also make up your mind.

Another thing is that an internship is a great tool to find and gain more depth about the role and also help find out relevant strengths and weaknesses. It also helps you build a very relevant network that is going to help you get a permanent job in the industry.

4. What are some of the best places to intern in 2019?

Most of the companies do offer internships in a lot of fields that are not specified to just the freshmen only. They also provide opportunities to a whole bunch of other students as well who are from all semesters and have a lot going on. Even the management students are applying for the same and as such, most of the companies are open for all students.


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