These 6 online-courses will make you a cybersecurity expert

List of 6 popular cybersecurity courses available online

Growing dependency on computer systems and Internet has made almost everyone vulnerable to cyber attacks.

From home users to companies, hospitals, banks, governments, everyone is at risk.

While organizations need cybersecurity professionals to protect against these attacks, there’s an acute shortage of such experts.

So, cybersecurity has become an important tech skill to possess.

Here are 6 online courses to help you learn cybersecurity.

Heimdal Security, a software company specializing in information security tools and systems, offers a five-week “Cyber Security for Beginners” online course.

Candidates learn cybersecurity basics, right tools/tactics, detection and prevention of cyber threats, counteracting malicious consequences, and many other useful security skills.

The free course also includes a security self-assessment test. Lessons are delivered straight to the student’s inbox every two days.

Open University-owned Future Learn offers various courses in cybersecurity

Future LearnOpen University-owned Future Learn offers various courses in cybersecurity

Digital learning platform Future Learn offers a free 8-week “Introduction to Cyber Security”, covering network security, authentication, malware, cryptography, security risk analysis, and management, is accredited by UK Government intelligence organization GCHQ, APMG International, and The Institute of Information Security Professionals.

Future Learn has another advanced, free three-week “Network Security for Industry Professionals” course, covering several network security techniques, from Queen’s University Belfast’s CSIT.

Udemy‘Computer Networks Security from Scratch to Advanced’ on Udemy

Udemy offers “Computer Networks Security from Scratch to Advanced” course with tools and technologies for Network Admins and Cyber Security Officers.

It covers introduction to computer networks, TCP/IP Protocol Suite, networks security, ISO/OSI Model, wireless networks and security, firewalls and honeypots, intrusion detection/prevention, incident-handing, and security recommendations.

The Rs. 770 (as on 29 June) course is created by computer networks expert, Dr. Mohammad Adly.

UC3M-edXLearn to think like hackers and behave like security experts

Leading MOOC provider edX offers a certification course from UC3Mx (Spain’s Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), which teaches “how to think like a hacker but behave as a security expert”.

It is a free, six-week course but candidates can get a verified certificate for $50.

Students can learn about managing/monitoring cyberattacks, computer forensics, malware/advanced threats, vulnerability management and pen testing from security experts.

NYU-CourseraA great choice for beginners looking for IT Security Certifications

Created by New York University (Tandon School of Engineering), the “Introduction to Cyber Security” is an online specialization certification course available on Coursera.

It helps students develop a deeper understanding of modern information and system protection technology, covering cyber attacks, countermeasures, real-time threat detection and mitigation, enterprise and infrastructure security.

After the one-week free trial, Coursera charges Rs. 2,605/month for the course duration.

University of ColoradoLearn to defend your business, system, data from cyber threats

Coursera offers “Cybersecurity for Business” specialization course from the University of Colorado for protecting small and large-scale businesses from cyber threats.

It covers the introduction to cybersecurity, cyber threats, attack vectors, detecting and mitigating threats/attacks and proactive computer security.

Candidates get a one-week free trial after which they have to pay Rs. 3,273/month for the course-duration; they can learn at their own pace.



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