AMU Center for Distance Education ties with a German Foundation

AMU Distance Education ties with German Foundation

The Center for Distance Education, Aligarh Muslim University, in collaboration with Frederich Ebert Stiftung (FES India), a German Foundation, committed to the ideals of democracy and media for change and a public trust dedicated to the cause of social change. It was organised a Panel Discussion on “Youth, Media and Elections”. Prof Rajeshwar Dayal, Senior Media Advisor, Frederich Ebert Stiftung (FES India), Ms Subi Chaturvedi, Assistant Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication, who is also an established photographer, filmmaker and curator and also the Managing Trustee of Media for Change, and Mr. Sachin Sharma, Editor, Amar Ujala delivered lectures on various aspects of the topic. The speakers shared their thought and views on the role of media, participation of youth in strengthening Indian democracy and a value based approach towards elections. Prof Dayal said that youth is playing a significant role in bringing major socio-political issues to the fore. Ms Subi Chaturvedi made valuable remarks on the contribution of media for the betterment of Indian society. Mr. Sachin Sharma pointed out that media generally played a responsible role in society. However, at times it is not credited for its impeccable role on sensitive issues. Dr. Nafees Ansari, Director, Centre for Distance Education appreciated enthusiastic participation of the audience in the discussion and expressed gratitude to the speakers for sparing their valuable time. Dr. Syed Hussain Haider, Coordinator of the Panel Discussion, proposed a vote of thanks.

[SOURCE :-careerindia]

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