Have you ever missed a job application deadline?

Most application forms can be filled in online, but some companies still ask applicants to fill in paper copies.

Steven Woolfe, a Ukip MEP, has insisted his application to lead his party was sent on time, despite the nomination not being received until 12.17pm on Sunday, 17 minutes past the midday deadline.

“I was actually on the phone with one of the Ukip officials at four minutes to 12 telling them I’m pressing the button for submit and he was saying, ‘We can’t see it, take photographs of it,’ which I did. I sent them at eight minutes past,” he said.

Woolfe said he hoped the party would accept his application and he did not have to challenge any adverse decision in court.

If you have missed a job application deadline we’d like to hear from you. Did you leave it too late or was it down to a technical glitch? Was your prospective employer sympathetic or was your application dismissed altogether? Perhaps you fortuitously missed out only to later be offered a job elsewhere? You can share your stories with us by filling in our form below. We’ll use your accounts as part of our ongoing coverage.

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