Here’s why an Indian Institute of Management in Jammu & Kashmir is a good idea

Following the decision of the Modi government on Oct 13, 2016, to set up an Indian Institute of Management (IIM) school in Jammu as a part of its Rs 80,000-crore development package for the state, things may actually start to look up for the violence-infested state.

IIM-Ahmedabad campus.

Last month, at an all-party meeting Prime Minister Modi had announced the package, which includes improved facilities for education and health, employment for youths, agriculture, and push for tourism.

The announcement of IIM, though, is an ambitious one, and hopefully, it will help the youth of the state, especially of Kashmir to have something to look for beyond the gloom and frustration in the wake of the persistent violence.

Here’s looking at what is taught in IIMs across the country and how it helps individuals become good managers. Besides subjects like finance, operations, marketing and human resources, students at IIMs are taught to be good team players with a deep understanding of team dynamics.

How risky is to join an IIM?
IIM teaches you to negotiated life’s tightrope.

However, here are the three most important learnings – communication, management, and negotiations, which will come in handy from an IIM education besides opening young minds to new ideas and see the world in a new light.

Communication: It pays to have excellent communication skills. This is what will give you an edge over others. At the top IIMs, students learn to communicate their ideas to a large group of people. Later in life, these people could be your customers, investors, employees, or teammates.

Managing a business: When resources are limited, a thorough training in how you manage your resources and time become very important. Students learn through best practices followed by different companies and individuals.

Negotiation: In today’s strife-torn world, negotiation is a very important attribute to have. At the workplace and life in general, you are constantly dealing with people who may not always be on your side.

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