Down with lung trouble, youth turns hospital into exam centre

Kolkata: A knock on his left chest was all Diganta Chakraborty could feel while taking his ISC examination on March 11. He kept writing his paper. But once home, the pain and breathlessness almost knocked him out. His guardians felt something was not right and rushed him to hospital. All his dreams seemed coming crashing down but the fighter that the Class XII student of DPS New Town is, Digant turned his hospital chamber into an examination hall. He is now preparing for his IIT entrance test. He even hopes to hit the football turg in about a month.

At Fortis Hospital, where he was rushed on March 11, Diganta was diagnosed with pneumothoraces, a condition in which air leaks out of the lung, resulting in the collapse of this organ. In absence of immediate medical attention, this can cause death. In fact, a year back Diganta was diagnosed with this condition in his right lung.

“I could not take the chest pain anymore and I was struggling to breathe. But come what may I had to write my examination. I did not want to lose an academic year,” Diganta told TOI.

Admitted under Dr Raja Dhar, consultant respiratory physician, the hospital bed became Diganta’s study room for next two weeks. He took his mathematics and biology examinations from the hospital. While Diganta solved his calculus problems, a tube was constantly draining out the leaked air from the lung.


“I was quite inspired with the boy’s confidence and guts. He said he was well prepared for his examination and all he wanted was to make him write his papers,” said Dr Dhar.




Discharged from the hospital on March 25, the boy went to write his Hindi papers on Monday.


“We are thankful to the school authority for making the arrangements. The doctors not only saved him but ensured that my boy did not lose a year,” said father Debasish Chakrabory, an electrical are small holes in the lung or air sacs which rupture resulting in the air coming to the surface. This codntion is called pneumothoraces. It can be treated by getting the lung to expand again with the tube being in position to drain the air and then putting the medication through the tube so that the expanded lung sticks to the lining (pleura). This process is called pleurodesis.


[SOURCE :-timesofindia]

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