‘One ticket-two finals’ leaves fans in two minds

Kolkata: Vedika Motwani is not fretting over a ticket for the final match. The diehard Virat Kohli is one of the lucky few to have got hold of one. Instead, she is worried because if she enters the stadium to watch the women’s final, she won’t be able to step outside the stadium for a break before going in to catch the all-important men’s final. This means that she will be cooped up inside the stadium for over nine hours.

According to an International Cricket Council directive, a single ticket will be valid for both the finals. Fans who enter the stadium to watch the women’s final will have to stay inside the ground to watch the men’s final. If anybody chooses to leave the ground in between the matches, he/she will not be allowed to re-enter.

“This has been done for security reasons,” said an ICC official.


The fans have the option of skipping the women’s match and just attend the men’s game, but several people might want to take advantage of the offer and watch both the games.


“I wanted to watch both the matches but after hearing about the embargo, I am in two minds. If I stay inside the stadium I may want to use the washroom, drink water or grab a bite. But I am not sure about the arrangements inside,” said Salt Lake resident Pushpak Mehta. The game between the women’s team will start at 2.30pm and the game between the men’s final gets underway at 7pm.


So will it help if a fan retains the counterfoil of the ticket? No, say CAB officials. “A person can manage to get several counterfoils. A re-entry is only possible if the police issues token to people leaving in between the matches like they do for test matches. But the police have not yet decided anything about that,” said a CAB office bearer.


CAB has assured that they will make all the arrangements so that fans do not face any inconvenience inside the stadium.


[SOURCE :-timesofindia]

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