Make a career out of hospitality

Illustration: Raj Verma

Illustration: Raj Verma

Dilip Puri, Founder and CEO, Indian School of Hospitality, Gurgaon

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) 2017 Global Impact Report, one in 10 of the jobs worldwide fall under the travel and tourism umbrella. Only last year, the travel and tourism industry as a whole outperformed the global economy-for the sixth year in a row. Over the next decade, travel and tourism is set to successfully continue its rapid expansion, overtaking global economic sectors including communications, manufacturing, retail and distribution, as well as financial and business services, and provide 23 per cent of all jobs worldwide. It’s a promise of immense growth and professional opportunities for aspirants keen to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

Be open to change

The steady growth within the industry has made hospitality education a popular choice for students. With potential career opportunities available, it’s easy to see why it’s such a glamorous choice for learners, who are choosing hospitality and its flexibility over other traditional paths.

Meet challenges head on

Hospitality and its allied sectors aren’t fields where you can expect to have a monotonous and fixed routine on a daily basis. It’s an ever-changing world, with new developments and happenings every few minutes, making it crucial to know how to anticipate, adapt and excel.

Know how to communicate

From building a better synergy with your team to the way you conduct yourself in professional meetings and a good grasp on communication is worth its weight in gold.

Think critically

There’s no guidebook to life and there certainly isn’t one that can cover all the scenarios the world of hospitality can throw at you. That’s why critical thinking is one of the most invaluable skills hospitality management can teach you. Recognise the formula and learn to assess the situation.

Learn to lead

Leadership is about more than just calling the shots. Hospitality management graduates are encouraged to build their teamwork skills throughout their curriculum, enabling them to build good relationships with their co-workers and know how, and when, to take the initiative.


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