Online courses: your passport to a new career

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The nature of learning online is particularly handy for jet-setting students. Travelling between her native Australia, her home in Yorkshire and her work abroad, motivational speaker and former Paralympian swimmer Elizabeth Wright has been studying on the world’s only MA in character education online.

The course, run by the University of Birmingham’s Tom Harrison, teaches how to build-up children’s resilience and character, and improve their wellbeing.

“I have been enjoying the ability to work at my own pace,” says Wright. “I can structure my day around my work diary, which can be hugely varied.”

“I also enjoy its uniqueness – there is nothing like it out there. It’s helping me expand my understanding of the work I do and is enabling me to use better concepts and techniques in delivering my content when I speak in schools.”

But are online courses for you? If you have a hobby or professional interest in an unusual field you might be surprised to discover the sheer wealth of options on offer. “Studying long distance like this is flexible and you do get the required support,” says Wright. “It might develop you in ways you never dreamed possible. I’d recommend it.”

[Source:-The Guardian]

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