In the office all hours? Tell us about your company’s work culture

Stack of paper in the office

An increasing number of workers in Japan, are dying from the country’s ingrained culture of overworking. It is so accepted that the word “karoshi” (過労死, meaning overworking death) can be registered as an official cause of death.

According to labour ministry data, claims for compensation for karoshi rose to a record high of 1,456 in 2015.

But are all workers, in all countries, suffering from overwork? A long-hours culture has similarly impacted the US, and today the American 40-hour workweek is actually far closer to 47 hours — nearly a day longer than it was 35 years ago.

How has your job changed over the years? Are you now being buried in paper-work? How often do you work overtime? Whether you live in Japan, or elsewhere, share your experiences below.

[source :-theguardian]

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